The typical mark belongs to a 204-2/8 buck killed by Robert Smith in 2000, and the. Gordon Whittington gets technical with his TenPoint crossbow, specifically relating to space awareness. Trempealeau, Vernon, Richland, and Sauk are the next best, in that order. Do you want to know a secret in the world of whitetail deer? Thanks to Pentail for posting the lists. The Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives manages and provides access to digital public records by maintaining the Kentucky State Digital Archives. Arkansas gets a nod thanks to Willian L. Loyds incredible 200-inch typical taken in 2018. The record was previously set by Mark Belcher of Logan County, Ky, who tagged a buck on Sept. 28, 2019 that scored 190 and 2/8. 6 and is another up-and-comer, with five of the state's top 10 typicals and nine of the best 10 non-typicals being from in the 2000s. I remember #6 non typ very well. The Kentucky record for a non-typical deer is 271-7/8 inches, officials say. Is the non typical record in KS and Iowa both bigger than KY??? After countless hours in the stand and a lot of patience, Huffman has finally put a tag on his buck of a lifetime. At 200+ inches, Huffmans deer becomes the new Kentucky state record for typical bucks taken with a crossbow. What does that mean??? He was amazed. One that's smoked first. Moose dropped in his tracks. Public land is certainly an option and there have been numerous trophy bucks taken off public land in Kentucky. License choices may include: Statewide license,Senior/Disabled license, Landowner, Deer Control Tag, Trapping license, Elk permit or Out-of-Zone Elk permit. Finally, Tennessee deserves special notice for Stephen L. Tuckers 315-inch Sumner County non-typical buck, the second largest ever taken by a hunter. Kentucky! They use to be in the deer hunting guide haven't looked for awhile. So what! You are using an out of date browser. I don't see it. Many specialized hunt leasing companies are also out there, and a simple search on the Internet will pop up many results. Deer hunters who take male fawns (button bucks)should check the deer as male and then choose no visible antler when prompted. I've searched the F&W website and all I can find is for any given year. 1 on that list, with 150 entries. The persistence started to pay off as it led to three different encounters with the deer. G.O. Did I just read right? Records include photographs, videos, audio recordings, speeches, press releases, annual reports, meeting minutes, and much more. Moose started to show up regularly at the mineral site and his growth had exploded from the previous year. What could be better than a deep-fried nugget? Texas gets special recognition for having four of the top six counties in the country. On the evening of September 24, 2020, Jeremy climbed into his hang-on stand and sprayed the Denvers deer urine down the side of the tree he was sitting in. Huffman hunted hard during the 2019 deer season and never saw moose in person. WHAT!?!?! Remember the Jordan Buck? For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Jon Rahm finished solo second at the 2023 Mexico Open at Vidanta, falling short of defending his title but still good enough to earn $839,300 for his efforts. Jul 13, 2016 #2 Even if I dont get to harvest anything, being in a treestand by myself for three or four hours, I can turn my phone on silent so I dont have to answer the 115 phone calls I get every day. A couple weeks after season ended, Jeremy was a few miles down the road on a 95-acre property that he purchased in the spring of 2019 to grow industrial hemp on. Full of mixed emotions, Jeremy decided he was going to use some fresh deer urine from Denvers Deer Scents, hoping that it would keep Moose from hanging up in the thicket like he did the past three sits. He hit the ground like a ton of bricks, Huffman said. Pat Hogan discusses the use of an AR rifle as a whitetail hunting option. | It typically must be owned either by the hunter, a relative or close friend or it must be leased. With opening day finally here, and after getting the first daylight photo of Moose the day before, Jeremy climbed into his stand in hopes of putting a four-year quest to an end. Does somebody have the 2014 calendar that they could post? I bet if all the states were to able to break their total buck harvests down in to age class (impossible I understand) KY would rate very poorly over all. Sunday is gonna be good. Knowing the deer made it through the season, he was excited to see what the next season would bring. It's not good logic. NOTHING! If the hide or head is removed from the carcass of a harvested deer orelk before the animal is telechecked, the hunter must demonstrate proof of the sex of the deer or elk. A third option is to employ the services of an outfitter. Kentucky State Records | Instant Access to State, County and Municipal Public Records First Name:* Last Name:* City: Arrest Records Bankruptcies Property Records Criminal Records Liens & Judgments Business Ownership Jail & Inmate Records Vital Records Unclaimed Assets Traffic Violations Contact Details Registered Licenses SEARCH Moose had moved several miles down the road and crossed numerous properties, including a piece of public ground. Just before the 2020 deer season began, Huffman put out some Apple Bomb attractant in front of his trail camera. A telecheck confirmation number must be obtained and recorded on the harvest log. Dawn Cardwell shot her first deer with her crossbow. Just went back and looked at the 2014 calendar. The books list of top 21st Century buck section includes Austin Pointers 194-inch typical buck, taken in 2016. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. Checking a harvested animal takes about five minutes. Once your harvest information has been entered correctly, you will be asked to hold while the system submits your survey information. Todd Pletcher-trained colt Forte and Brad Cox's filly Wet Paint are the morning line favorites respectively for the 149th Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks at Churchill Downs. I only got pictures of him in 2017, I never saw him while hunting.. Im a pretty big guy and you can see the rack sticking out around me. Personal defense in the hunting woods could involve taking down a charging bear. If we killed even bigger deer all it would mean is there would be more land leased up than there already is by ooser's.Get over it folks. At the age of 34, Kentucky native Jeremy Huffman has a long history of shooting mature whitetails and has the trophy room to prove it. You are using an out of date browser. JavaScript is disabled. It was the centerfold that year but not since. Recording, Checking, Tagging and Transporting. Did I just read that right? Huffman had his Ravin crossbow ready in hand. Once the harvest information has been entered correctly, the caller will be asked to hold for several seconds while the system submits the survey information. The 333 7/8-inch Missouri buck is the biggest whitetail ever to come out of the Show Me state. Gordon Whittington talks crossbow strategies when it comes to deciding whether or not to stop a deer. Jean L. Marquis downed a massive buck with a firearm, scoring 179 3/8 B&C. It placed second for typical last season. Does anyone know where to get the all time list of trophy bucks for Kentucky? 8pt Buck Posted: 11/30/2022. Our typical record is larger than BOTH Kansas and Iowa? 4 pointer killed in butler co while hunting with pappy, Kaitlin Lee bagged her first buck in Raywick Ky. The wind was perfect, and the evening was turning out to be calm. The Kentucky State Digital Archives provides citizens with access to these records through an online access portal which offers browsing, keyword search, and search refining capabilities. I can see how for some, that arent really interested in the actual hunting/challenge aspect of the deal, would get confused. This deer, somewhat similar to the Missouri buck in regard to the frame, has trash going everywhere. Evelyn Eiden of Louisville shot her first deer in Washington County during the 2021 modern gun season. This bowhunter, although I'm not opposed to trophy class bucks, is more interested in there being more numbers of mature bucks roaming the Bluegrass. But when you look closely at the areas that regularly produce them, common threads emerge. Stephen Tucker and his 315-inch Tennessee giant. Not sure why other than it is some deal with Boone and Crockett. It was humorous getting photos of Moose and him having Cherry Bomb all over his face. If youre wondering about which state to book a hunt in next year, you might consider that all of the new typical records in the states top 10 and six of the 10 non-typical state records were taken in the 2000s. Bass Crash Course: Technique tweaks to maximize distance and accuracy. It was almost like he was addicted to it, says Jeremy. Although it hasn't been panel scored, the buck is projected to be the Kentucky state record typical by crossbow. Shortly after putting it out, Jeremy started getting pictures of the buck again and noticed that he had grown into an even bigger typical sporting an 11-point frame. The system measures every inch of the antler and classifies it, according to Buckmasters web site. Oldham County produced the highest ranked buck from this region last year as well. Jeremys wife had seen Moose on multiple occasions after dark while on her way home from work. WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT AREAS Kentucky Fish and Wildlife owns, leases or manages more than 85wildlife management []. Along with prime natural habitats, they use food plots, minerals and supplemental feedings to enhance the quality of the deer population. Consider that the majority of its top 10 record entries have been entered since 2000. All deer, turkey, elk, bobcat, river ottersand sandhill cranes harvestedmustbe telechecked through the toll-free, automated check-in system. The issue is not individual records, its the fact that Kansas, Illinois, and Iowa produce more mature age class bucks from a numbers stand point. Amanda Hombirg took the third place typical, scoring 176 5/8, with a muzzleloader in Scott County. Jeremy began to prepare his stand in the same tree that he had hunted Moose out of the previous two years. Join F&S+ to read exclusive stories by your favorite writers. 6 yr old Boyd Winkle. He would come out of the field in the daylight and he would come straight to me, but then he would hold up in the thickets. Using KY record bucks as a rule to insist that we are a better deer management state is like saying that because Obama is the worst president in history, Hawaii produces the worst presidents. JavaScript is disabled. This is a turkey hunter's take on the classic Swiss dish. What!?!?!?!?!? I had full faith in my equipment at that distance, and I knew that even though Moose was quartering toward me, that combination of the Ravin and those broadheads would put him down, says Jeremy. And it's not even May. Forte, the 2-year-old champion whose 190 points led the Derby qualifying trail, drew the No. Officers seized the cape, head of the deer, legs, and hooves after Koch took them to where the buck was. Typical: 194 inches Non-Typical: 248 7/8 inches New York Taken in 1939, Roosevelt Luckey's Alleghany County typical is the 30th largest of all time. who tagged a buck on Sept. 28, 2019 that scored 190 and 2/8. Stablemate Tapit Trice is the 5-1 second choice . 9 pointer. The following regulations apply to alldeer, elk, turkey,bear,bobcatandottertakenbyhunters or trappers, including landowners and other license-exempt hunters. Give a Gift Those without internet access maycall 1-800-858-1549 weekdays from 8 a.m. -4:30 p.m. Eastern time, and provide the animals telecheck confirmation number. This is another one where the number of state-record bucks is on a recent surge. Any action wanting any guns to be limited would be inviting the anti's to come on in and when you give something up you would never get it back. 204 2/8 Pendleton Co., KY Robert W. Smith Bass Pro Shops 2000 5. Koch is charged with hunting on private property without permission, illegally killing the deer, and improperly reporting the harvest, according to the release. If you hunt big game outside of Kentucky, you may not bring any member of the deer (Cervidae) family, which includes deer, elk, moose, caribou, reindeer and any hybrids, back into Kentucky unless the brain and spinal column have been removed. Like clockwork, Moose was showing off what he had grown during the summer of 2019, and he now sported a 13-point frame. With the cameras out and the combination of the 20-acre hemp food plot and the Cherry Bomb, it did not take long for Moose to start showing up again, says Jeremy. Nov 30, 2005 9,884 Staffordsville, KY. . Moose loved the Cherry Bomb attractant. ", Boone and Crockett Club's State Big Game Records, Position Statement on Big Game Records and Hunting, North American Model of Wildlife Conservation. One place to consider is Rockcastle River Wildlife Management Area (WMA) because the KDFWR just acquired it in 2016. Reminder: All hunters must fill out a hunter harvest log. It's not all about trophys its about having the opportunity to hunt a different class of buck on a more consistent basis. Where did those come from? Using KY record bucks as a rule to insist that we are a better deer management state is like saying that because Obama is the worst president in history, Hawaii produces the worst presidents. I thought it was weird that the year I started planting the hemp fields in 2019, Moose moved that far. The stories of these bucks, and many others, are included in this most recent release of the B&Cs Records of North American Whitetail Deer, which has more than 17,000 deer listings, 300 color field photos, portraits of all the current state and provincial record deer (17 new state records since the books last edition), and state maps showing trophy distribution for each county. I finally got the deer I was after. The Boone and Crockett Club has released its sixth edition of the Records of North American Whitetail Deer, and at 700 pages, it promises untold hours of geeking out for deer nuts like you and me, who cant get enough of giant whitetails. In the fall of 2016, Jeremy became a team member of Southern Hog Slayers, The Rootin Life. The DNR was happy to help and dispatched someone to his location. When Huffman got over to the deer he was astonished by the sheer mass of the antlers. With the help of the game warden, Jeremy loaded up his world-class whitetail and headed to the house to show his family what had taken over his mind for the past four years. Also, since much of the area is reclaimed surface-mined coal land and because at least one or more adjacent landowners grow wildlife food plots on their property, the supply of herbaceous or early successional deer forage in the area should be quite high. As the 2018 season approached, Huffman decided to purchase some Cherry Bomb attractant from Redmond Hunt to put out for the deer on his farm. For a variety of full-featured searches, check out our subscription service, Big Game Records Live! Some of these are listed as Whitetail Properties or Mossy Oak Properties, while others are simply run under the realtor name. I knew the deer was on the edge of being mature and looked to be a 3 1/2-year-old, but this deer showed a bunch of potential, Jeremy says. This same game of cat and mouse continued for the next three sits, all having the same exact scenario play out. After trying multiple brands, Jeremy found that the Tactacam Reveal was the only one that would get signal. Although it hasnt been panel scored, the buck is projected to be the Kentucky state record typical by crossbow. Kentucky's state record fish list dates back to 1943. Huffman saw the buck with his eyes just once during the fall of 2018., Post anything thread - piss n on lefties version. Kentucky wasnt always the big buck factory that it has become. The unofficial score. The non-typical record was shot in Charles County by Donza Watson in 2007. That translates into about 30 percent of hunters filling their tags each year. Sporting a 13-point typical frame like he had in 2019, but with a lot more mass, Moose was adding on inches of antler quickly. To get started, click the link below to visit and learn how to access your digital magazine. This is often a bit pricey, but if a hunter wants to access a certain section of the state and to have an opportunity to harvest a mature whitetail, it may well be worth shelling out a few bucks. Mass is on the weaker side for a state record, but it has a 21 6/8-inch inside spread, respectable main beams over 26 and 27 inches, and six tines over 10 inches that range from 10 to 14 3/8. I just had to sit and wait until he moved off. With a few minutes of daylight left, Jeremy watched as Moose made his way across the neighboring hay field and into a thicket where he hung up at 70 yards and stayed until after dark. Join F&S+ to read exclusive stories by your favorite writers. The typical record is the 70th largest overall and was taken by Kevin C. Miller in Kent County back in 2002. Gordon Whittington offers tips on ensuring your weapon is accurate while traveling. Records include photographs, videos, audio . Hunters who harvest a bear during the archery-crossbow season must attach a department-issued carcass tag after having the bear inspected by department personnel. Dr. James Kroll is in Kentucky hunting the rut. Try again until you get the confirmation number, and then contact the department at 1-800-858-1549 the next business day to report the incident. Haynes Shelton provides some tips for planning and setting up shooting lanes. 15 post at 3-1 odds on Monday for the $3 million premier race for 3-year-olds. While investigating, officers met and talked to Robert Koch, 58, of Union, on Nov. 7. You must log in or register to reply here. Huffman is proud of his big buck but understands that isnt what hunting is all about. Although he was not getting pictures as often as he was the previous years, Moose did not go unseen. Master the subtle nuances of the sidearm cast for increased accuracy. Theyre starting to grow very, very large! Hunt clubs do the same thing. Like most mature deer, Moose was staying nocturnal and not moving during the daylight, but that did not keep Jeremy from trying his best to harvest him. The digital archives make it possible to collect and preserve digital content of archival value created by state and local government agencies. Hunters can either call 800-245-4263 to check in their harvest or use the online telecheck system. Finally, the buck walked in front of the camera during daylight. The creeks are natural transition points that separate a hay field, hemp field, and brushy thickets. Kentucky Public Deer Hunting Land Map In Kentucky, there are many public deer hunting grounds that are open to the public. We want to see your pictures! Turn the legs and thighs of a freshly killed gobbler into comfort food for a chilly spring night. It may not display this or other websites correctly. If the motivating factor is to fill your buck tag with any caliber buck, Kentucky is the perfect model. Give a Gift With season getting closer and Moose being known to travel long distances, Jeremy knew he needed to get on him fast. Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. I can see how for some, that arent really interested in the actual hunting/challenge aspect of the deal, would get confused. In the summer of 2020, Jeremy decided that he was going to purchase some cellular trail cameras to put down at the hemp farm. Kentucky . Viewing trophy scorecharts and photos requires a free website account. He was now living on the farm they refer to as the hemp farm. This was a bit concerning to Jeremy, because he had been letting several of his friends hunt the hemp farm since he focused on his parents place, not knowing his buck had moved. Entering false information is unlawful. With the 2019 season also ending in disappointment, Jeremy knew it was going to take him changing his hunting style to harvest this elusive deer. The harvest log is included with your license or permit. Would really appreciate it. The Kentucky record for a non-typical deer is 271-7/8 inches, officials say. I mean this argument is so stupid. I bet if all the states were to able to break their total buck harvests down in to age class (impossible I understand) KY would rate very poorly over all. Huffmans father later missed the buck during the 2018 gun season. Advertisement 7.. Grant County deer killed 11/25/2022 December 22, 2015 By Austin Musselman. 5, with 1,049 total entries. Gordon Whittington goes home to central Texas armed with a modern flintlock rifle, with a twist. Its like what am I going to do now? It has four counties in the top 20 and the highest number of top 21st Century whitetails, with eight, including Luke Brewsters incredible 327-inch nontypical, which is the biggest ever taken by a hunter. i think Ky is the only one on that list with both records having been set after the year 2000. we are on the upswing! Sure, the infinite number of points don't hurt anything. Records discovered can be viewed, downloaded, and printed. I had him come out under me one time and it was right at dark, Huffman said. Hunting is everything to me, Huffman said. (Photo courtesy of Jeremy Huffman) May 02, 2022 By Hunter Schmittou. The episode feature the number 1 and 2 on the list as well. Click here to report it. Jeremy Huffman of DeMossville, Ky harvested a 200 and 3/8-inch buck with his crossbow on his farm in Morning View, Ky on the evening of Sept. 24. A harvested animal in a hunters possession is assumed to be theirs, unless the carcass tag states otherwise. Besides, anything over 200 typical is a freak of nature. Listen to each question carefully and provide the requested information using the keypad on any touch-tone phone. CITES tags must immediately be attached to the animal or pelt per the instructions included with the mailed tag and remain with the pelt until it is processed. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Huffman sat in his stand that was tucked into a walnut tree along a few small creeks that come together. 2023 Outdoor Sportsman Group. 1 Pope and Young Bucks Before They Were Beat, Oklahoma Hunter Shoots Target Buck That's Locked Up with Another Giant, Best Gear of 2022 for Whitetail Property Managers, Ohio Hunter Balances Hunting and Family to Bag 190-inch Typical, A Whitetail Hunter's Guide to Ballistic Reticles, On Target: Stopping a Deer While Using a Crossbow. Austin Musselman Buck: 267-Inch Kentucky Star. Maybe I should send the list to F&W and ask them to post since they can't seem to do it themselves. April 30, 2023 6:32 pm ET. Included among Kasass top recent bucks is Gerald E. Rightmyers 272-2/8-inch nontypical taken in 2006 and a 295-inch giant picked up in 2012. A neighbor of Jeremys had one of Mooses sheds from the 2019 season. It was then that Jeremy named the deer Moose.. Parks (click to expand) Recreation (click to expand) Fishing (click to expand) Sort the columns by clicking on their headers. Finally looking down at the legend of a buck lying dead at 25 yards, Jeremy knew that the four-year quest for the deer named Moose was over. Moose was coming out of a large patch of timber and crossing the road into a thicket. Stan Potts discusses which archery releases may be best for you. Sign up here., Post anything thread - piss n on lefties version. God blessed Ernie Feltner with his first deer. An Official Website of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. After purchasing several more, Jeremy was eager to get them out and start getting pictures of Moose. KYVL - KY Statistics - Parks, Recreation & Tourism parks, recreation & tourism Contributor -- Claudene Sproles, University of Louisville This section provides statistical information on Kentucky parks, recreational activities, and the tourist industry in the state. | A pair of 190-plus-inch typicals are listed in the top 21st Century bucks. Individuals with property to lease often advertise in local want ad papers, on Facebook or sometimes Craigslist. (Photo courtesy of Jeremy Huffman). Contact them at (800) 689-6619 or (859) 509-2704, or go to The owner of the property where Koch killed the buck told the officers he did not give anyone permission to hunt on the land. Harvest Comparison by Year. And with all the popularity of trophy hunting in Kentucky, more and more outfitters are springing up around the state every year. It is Pointers Iowa giant that graces the books cover. On Sept. 24 it happened. Since the start of the deer season this fall, Huffman had hunted almost every day. I've searched the F&W website and all I can find is for any given year. If the motivating factor is to fill your buck tag with any caliber buck, Kentucky is the perfect model. The right shed scored 86 6/8 inches. Multiple animals may be telechecked during the same call. All rights reserved. I actually had him come under me three times and I had to let him walk because it was right at dark each time, Huffman said. A Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) tag, issued by Kentucky Fish and Wildlife, must be attached to the raw fur,peltorunskinnedcarcassof any bobcat or river otter taken in Kentucky, if the hunter or trapper intends to sell or export internationally. When a member drops out, these clubs often advertise to find a replacement. Luckily for Jeremy, season was over, and Moose had made it through. Hunt clubs are generally comprised of several members who divide the cost of leasing land, thereby making it more affordable to rent large tracts of quality property. Published Mar 19, 2021 8:52 PM EDT. He came right to the bottom of the tree, and Jeremy, armed with a Ravin crossbow, took the shot with the buck quartering toward him. One of the coolest things about record books like this is that they bring to life the history of hunting, and this new edition serves that up in heapfulsstates and regions and individual bucks that have placed an area in the record books for all time. Owen Rito, 7 years old, first ever shot with a crossbow. Advertisement "Notably, however, the state's top five typical bucks ever taken did not come from these high producing counties, instead coming from Burnett, Kenosha, Wood, Columbia, and Dodge Counties," their list reads. During that time, the buck was only seen a few times, the majestic giants mere existence was confirmed mostly by trail camera throughout Huffmans pursuit. | At $60, this is not only the best resource a whitetail nut can own; its a coffee-table book that will provide entertaining reading for years. Last season was no different, but unlike most years, he did not have to travel far from home to bag his biggest buck yet. First deer, Michael Vittitoe killed this buck 11/13/22. This year, the rifle will be chambered in 7mm PRC, the hot new load that was a hit at SHOT Show 2023 in Las Vegas. Upload a Photo below to get started and put in as much information as you want to be published with your photo. "I love it when a plan comes together:" Thomas Allen may have missed a day-starting coffee and chill time, but his planning before a recent turkey hunt in Minnesota had him ready when gobblers showed up earlier than expected, and just before an April winter storm blew in. Corbin Ervin (age 10) Youth season opening day. Long Liberal seasons and a chance to kill big deer year after year. Forums List; Deer Hunting Forum; Kentucky Community Forum; I think that people get too tied up in individual records for making the case on how to manage a deer herd. There is a 130-inch minimum harvest size at Whitetail Heaven and some farms have a 140- or 150-inch minimum. what happened to anthony dion fay,
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